Brand New Section

Why Patuki?
You have a variety of options available in Patuki.

Patuki will help you to get the maximum discount on the product. This will get you rid of the problems you face while bargaining with dealers and save your time.

Patuki has many features to offer like Product's photo, color, price, Full specification, Compare tool, EMI calculator, Video review, etc. with the help of which you can make the right decision regarding the product you are going to buy. Similarly, you can use the feature 'Ask the Expert' to get answers directly from experts about the question you have regarding the product.

In addition, we also have a section 'Latest Product News' where we keep you updated with the latest news and tips.

Can I book the products for others?
Yes, we allow you to book the products for others.

Is it compulsory to buy the product that I enquired for?
No, you can freely inquiry on as many products as you want. If you still didn't find any products amusing, you can simply deny the purchase.

Can I get delivery at home?
No, you should visit the dealer to get the product.

What shall I do if the dealer quoted me the different price than the special price offered by Patuki?
We are sorry for the inconvenience you had to suffer. You can call us on our number (01-4223205) immediately to shut down the confusion.


Used & Promotional Section 

How to post ads?
To post ads on Patuki, you need to: 
Step 1:  Click on Post Your Ad which is on the top right corner on the website.
Step 2:  Choose the category to which your ad belongs to.
Step 3:  Fill up the form and click 'submit'. 

Is ads posting free of cost?
Yes, Patuki provides free service and does not charge any fees to post Ads.

Is there any limit to post ads?
No, there is no limit on posting ads. You can post as many ads as you want.

Are all the fields compulsory? (While Filling up Form)
Fields with asterisk (*) are compulsory whereas non-asterisk fields are optional for the user.

How to get better responses for Ads?
To get better responses on your ad, first you need to provide a clear title and image of your ad, then, your description of your ad provided must be detailed, easy to read and understand by all our visitors. Your contact provided must be reachable or you can provide when you will be reachable and add your contact address also in detail. Besides, you can also subscribe to Patuki 'Premium Ad' function to get more visible amongst our visitors.

Problems on Posting Ads?
If you find any errors or problems on posting ads, call us on 01-4223205 or you can email us at We will fully guide you. 

What facilities do I get after posting ads?
You can edit your ad anytime, you can also re-post or delete your ad as per one's wish.

What things should be mentioned at the time of posting ads?
- Seller's full information
- Advertisement details

How long does an ad remain after posting?
- Promotional ads remain for 12 months.
- Used item ads remain for 1 month.
- Job ads remain for 1-4 weeks according to your selection.
- Real Estate ads remain for 1 month.
- Miscellaneous ads remain for 1 month.

How to re-post ads?
Visit 'My Patuki' to re-post ads. You can re-post ads by clicking 'edit'.

What is 'My Patuki'?
'My Patuki' is your personal account that will let you view, manage, edit, delete and modify your ads. You can also repost your ads after they expire and you can update your Patuki profile.

How to update/extend Ads?
You need to go through 'My Patuki' and log into your account. Then, click 'edit' to update or extend your ad.

How to upgrade Free Ads to Premium Ads?
You need to log in to your account through 'My Patuki' where you can select the 'Premium Ad' Function and click 'Submit'.

How to change your password?
You need to go through 'My Patuki' and log in to your account to change your password.

How to recover the forgotten password?
You can check your password in the 'account verification email' sent by Patuki. Or else, go to 'My Patuki' and click on 'Forgot your password?' to reclaim your forgotten password or get a new one.

What is 'Watch List'?
Clicking watch list icon on different individual ads helps you to save ads in watch list to view ads later. Ads saved in watch list will disappear when you close

What is 'Visited'?
'Visited' assists you to display all ads, which you have just visited through.

How to search for the items that you are looking for?
You can search for any items by entering the title, company name or address in the 'Search box'.

How to report the Frauds?
If you find any ad or user that is fraud then please contact us and then we will inquire further.

How to use in a safe way?
As this is only a platform, here can be different kinds of people with both good and bad intentions. There is no specific identity of frauds. So, we request you to have a good judgment. For more, read Safety Tips.

Fraud Alerts! Be Cautious of Scams & Fraud

You agree that is neither associated in any monetary affairs nor guarantees the promises made by used/promotional item advertisers. For more, read SAFETY TIPS.