A new SBA-1 HF helmet with latest technologies launched by Steelbird

Modified at 4:02pm on Thursday 10th January 2019
Steelbird SBA 1 HF

A new helmet has been added to its range by Steelbird. The helmet allows the riders to pick up calls as well as to listen to music while riding. The helmet has been named ‘SBA-1 HF’, which the company claims is capable of delivering a high-quality sound.

The helmet gets an AUX port that is connected to a pair of speakers and a microphone inside the helmet. Similarly, the helmet features a noise cancellation microphone and a dedicated button for answering/disconnecting calls. However, the speakers do not carry any noise cancellation function so that the rider is well aware of the surrounding ambient noises while riding. Likewise, the helmet also features access to Google assistant. Most importantly, the helmet is compatible with all mobile phones.

The handsfree components are waterproof with IP5 rating which makes it easier for the riders use it even during monsoons. A single actuator mechanism of the helmet allows only the transmission of the voice of the rider and not the voice of the surrounding traffic during calls. Three intakes and two exhaust vents act as ventilation channeling the air through the helmet.

SBA-1 HF comes in different sizes ranging from 58cm and 60cm and is available with three color options- red, black and white. The helmets are priced at INR 2589. The helmets can be purchased via the Steelbird outlets as well as the company’s official website.

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