How to ride your motorcycle safely in rain?

Modified at 1:59pm on Monday 2nd September 2019
Riding in rain

Riding bikes in rain is often challenging that sometimes even costs someone’s life. Not to ride in the rain is not always possible. Therefore, we should be prepared for such events that may otherwise turn out to be fatal. Every rider may not know how to ride their bikes safely in rain. For those riders has prepared seven major tips that can be very helpful. The tips are mentioned below:

1.     Drive slow

  You should always keep in mind that regardless of what brand’s tire you are using, the grip is greatly reduced during the rain. The water in the surface of the road makes it slippery as ice where the bikes may slide and meet an accident. Therefore, the best decision you can make while driving in rain is to slow down your bike’s speed.

2.     Maintain the breaking distance.

As mentioned earlier, the grip of tire is greatly reduced during the rain. Because of the decreased friction, the bike may not stop where you want it to and may crash into something. That is why, increase your breaking distance and try to use your brake slowly from distant.

3.     Pull over during decreased visibility

Goggles and face shields are likely to fog and decrease the visibility during wet weather. Plus, most helmets in Nepal are not treated with anti-fog coatings. This is a major cause of many accidents. Hence, stop your bike in a safe location and take a break until the rain stops.

4.      Use proper riding gears

The bikers should wear jackets, pants, gloves, and other clothing materials that are windproof, waterproof and comfortable. This will prevent the rider from getting wet and keeps him/her warm.


5.     Be careful of hidden obstacles

During rainy seasons potholes are covered with water thereby making them invisible. At times someone may ride into those holes unknowingly and harm themselves. Therefore, the rider should avoid the standing water on roadways to avoid an accident.

6.     Read the road first

If you have a clear idea of the road you are traveling on, you have fewer chances of meeting an accident. The rain may have deteriorated the condition of the road and made it dangerous for driving. The riders should take special note of the road signs to know what’s coming up ahead. Therefore, carrying a map or asking the locals about the road condition can be your best choice at that moment.

7.     Stay warm

The cold makes you shiver and will slow down your hands and feet which will turn out to be deadly if you are riding a motorbike. You will have less control over your bike that will make you lose control of your bike and smash into something. For this reason, you are required to stay warm while riding. Wearing windproof and airproof jacket can be your best option. Also, the rider should pull over and stay under a roof if he/she feels too much cold.

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