Suzuki's Rs 10,000 discount offer to end after four days

Modified at 4:56pm on Sunday 10th February 2019
suzuki valentine offer

VG Automobiles Pvt. Ltd., the official distributor of Suzuki Two-wheelers for Nepal has introduced an attractive scheme where one can get Rs 10,000 discount while buying a Suzuki Scooter. The scheme was brought considering the soon-to-come Valentines day.

The discount is only available till the 14th of February when the Valentines day lies. The discount offer as per the scheme was made valid from 5th of February to 14th of February. Since today is 5 days past the 5th Feb, the offer is now available only for the next four days. The company also adds that one can get 5 years of warranty for every Suzuki Scooter.

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