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Premium Ads

Premium ads are those feature on our site those are optional but powerful to our all types of advertisers. These ads help advertisers to get more visible to the users and promote their ads more effectively amongst visitors. One can use premium ads to make their ads more visible, reach out to more customers and sell one’s product or service faster. In order to have one’s service to be a part of their posting process one will be asked to post add on 'Normal' or a 'Premium ad' and one needs to select 'Premium ad' option.

Premium ad on Patuki is charged different rates according to the validity of the ad and also based on the category of the ad. All Premium ads on our site remains for maximum 365 days and minimum 1 day according to the amount paid for the ad but for 'Jobs' category maximum limit will be for 1 month and minimum for 1 day and long as they don’t violate any rules and be under listing policy and terms of use of our website. Listing fees of your Premium ad are not refundable, except in the instance of deletion of the ad by Patuki at the time of the review (within 24 hrs of being posted) due to violation of Listing Policy/Terms of Use or miscategorization of the ad.

Premium Ads Format:

Hope the above information has been helpful in better understanding how Patuki’s Premium ad works. If you have any queries or need any help, please contact us.