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Be safe. Beware of fraud & scams.

You agree and understand that is NOT involved in transaction of any goods/services listed in the website. It is only platform to share information. For more read Safety Tips

Safety Tips

As this is a platform only, here can be different kinds of people with both good and bad intensions. There is no specific identity of frauds. So, we request you to have a good judgment and keep following tips in mind:

  • This is a platform for everyone so please judge the genuineness (contact information, website, e-mail address, telephone number, quality etc.) of either a service provider or visitor.
  • Seller can ask the full payment at the delivery and buyer can inspect the item before purchasing (in case of buying or selling any product). Meeting in a safe location can be a good practice.
  • Do not trust on any unrealistic ads (offers, jobs or services). It might appear too good to be true, but can or cannot be true because these types of ads motivate to make hasty decisions in their favor.

If you find any ad or user that is fraud then please contact us and then we will inquire further.